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Cash For Downpayment and Closing Costs

What's a seller's statement?

Can I really buy a home with no money down?
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Credit Reports and Credit Ratings

Are you having a hard time refinancing now because of bad credit?
Judgement on your credit report?
How bad is my credit?
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Property Value

The 3 C's, Part 3: Collateral
Do I really need a home inspection?

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Get a quick estimate of value and look at comparable sales in the area. Choose Home Values Tab after clicking through.
Why does it matter which realtor you choose? Whether you're buying or selling, you want a realtor who spends all day, every day helping buyers or sellers find the perfect match.

The right realtor will listen to your goals and use their expertise and experience to find the right house at the right price and facilitate the deal. HomeGain is a comprehensive site for comparing realtors, comparing values, finding rates and information about the buying and selling process. This link will take you directly to their Tools and Resource Center